Realize your true identity in relationship with God.

Knowing the Real Jesus….

What if the image of Jesus that you have been given was completely out of touch with reality? Would you want to know the real Jesus?

Have you considered that for almost 2,000 years mainstream Christianity has carefully crafted the image of Jesus that has been given to the public? Have you considered that this image might have been crafted for a specific purpose, a purpose that might be in complete opposition to Jesus’ purpose for coming to Earth? Consider the characteristics of the mainstream image of Jesus:

  • is portrayed as being remote, distant, far away in some heaven where most people cannot reach him. In fact, access to Jesus is controlled by the official church.

  • is residing in a remote heaven, and he apparently has had nothing to say to humankind for 2,000 years—no new revelation has been forthcoming (or at least hasn’t been accepted by any mainstream church).

  • is portrayed as being perfect, which actually means that he is pictured as a non-entity with no personality or human characteristics.

bn_c0d3bb647b.png heavens gate image by petunigurl

What is the main message spoken between the lines of this official image? It is that Jesus is not accessible to you and that he is nothing like you. Yet the real message is that YOU can never be like Jesus!!!

This is peculiar because Jesus went out of his way to portray himself as a human being like us, generally calling himself the “son of man” to establish a connection between himself and all people. He also said that “The kingdom of God is within you,” meaning that we do not need an external church and its hierarchy in order to establish a personal connection to Christ. And most importantly, he said that we can do the works that he did, even greater works.

For those who are willing to question the official image, the conclusion is clear. The official image is meant to make you dependent upon an outer church and its human hierarchy, preventing you from discovering Christ within yourself. The reality of what Jesus taught and did is that he came to Earth as an example, not as an exception. Jesus does not want to be elevated to some superior status that sets him apart from us. He wants us to see him as an example who came to show us that we have the same potential that he demonstrated.

The real message of the real Jesus is that we too have the potential – an inherent potential given to us by God, a potential that no power on Earth can take away from us (unless we let them) – to manifest the Christ consciousness. WE TOO CAN BECOME THE CHRIST!

Through the Christ consciousness we then become the open doors for the power of God, as Jesus demonstrated. We too can become sons and daughters of God, letting God work through us and bringing his kingdom into manifestation on Earth. Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is at hand!” Let us simply walk away from the official fraudulent image of Jesus and embrace him as our brother, teacher an wayshower. Let us take back our power to be who we really are and become instruments for bringing a better society into manifestation, a society built on the reality of Christ rather than the many illusions of anti-christ.


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