Realize your true identity in relationship with God.

How Christianity stole Christ…. almost 1,700 years official Christianity – started by the Catholic Church but continued to this day by almost all Christian churches – have acted as if they had a monopoly on Christ. Yet what did Jesus demonstrate through his resurrection? He demonstrated that no earthly power or institution can control the Living Christ! They could kill his body, but they had no power over his Spirit. you ever considered why Jesus was such a threat to the official religion of his day that they simply had to kill him? The reason was simple. The Jewish religion of the time claimed that the people’s salvation could be attained only through the sacraments performed by the priesthood—meaning that the people could enter heaven ONLY by being obedient to an institution on Earth. Does this sound familiar? It should, because it is the same message that has been preached by most Christian churches since the formation of the Catholic Church in the fourth century. you find it strange that the religion that claims to represent Christ on Earth became the exact same kind of religion that had Jesus killed? Do you find it peculiar that Christianity makes the exact same claim about your salvation – namely that it depends on the external religion – as the religion that saw Jesus as a threat to be eliminated? you do find this peculiar, it is simply because you have been brought up with a completely false view of religion and the forces that drive human history. You see, a careful look at history will reveal that there has always been a small elite whose members have been trying to control the population in order to secure power and privileges for themselves. The members of this power elite have been using all means available to them, including military power. However, the most efficient way to control the population is through ideas, including (but not limited to) religious ideas.

The stark reality is that most larger religions have not been truly religious organizations. They have been political institutions controlled by a small elite and used to give that elite special powers and privileges. As an obvious example, consider how the Catholic Church allowed the kings and noblemen of medieval Europe to hold the population in an iron grip for a thousand years—it was called “the Dark Ages.” why was Jesus such a threat to the power-elite religion of his time? Because he preached that “The kingdom of God is within you,” meaning that people’s salvation did NOT depend on the hierarchy of the external religion. If the Jews had believed this message, the power elite of Jewish society would have lost their grip on the population. So their simple solution was to kill Jesus., killing Jesus did not prevent the emergence of a movement of people who sought to understand and embody his teachings. And even though the Roman empire sought to kill all Christians, it eventually became clear that this simply was not possible. So a representative of the power elite, the Roman emperor Constantine I, decide that “If you can’t beat-em—join’em.” He turned Christianity into the official state religion of the Roman empire. a quick look at Constantine will show him as a political animal, and thus his purpose was clearly to create a new religion that could control the people, unify the empire and keep himself in power. And in order to achieve this end, Jesus’ true message of an individual, inner salvation has to be removed and replaced by the same old message that people’s salvation depends on the sacraments controlled by the external religion.

And THAT is precisely why Christianity has stolen Christ. The power elite stole his true, inner message!

Yet there is no power on Earth that can prevent you from taking back the true teachings and the true example of Christ, so that you can discover the Kingdom and the true inner path that is right within yourself. You can then demonstrate that no earthly power can control YOUR Spirit, and this might inspire others to do the same, so that humanity can transcend the power elite. We can then help fulfill Jesus’ true purpose, namely to set the people free from the elite, from the blind leaders.

The entire purpose of this Blog is to help you get started on this process.


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