Realize your true identity in relationship with God.

Solving The Enigma Of Free Will the spiritual catch-22 that all people are in and how to solve the enigma of free will through complete honesty. the enigma of free will by submitting to a higher will that is not an external will.

Buddha space, Mother time, tis the secret so sublime. What science does not understand is that time is not a function of space. Time is a function of free will. does not want to control your exercise of free will. God wants you to exercise your free will with the greatest degree of freedom—and you can do that only when you are fully aware of how the universe works.

Overcoming the illusion that God’s will restricts your free will. only problem on Earth is the separation of the greater I and the lesser I.

The perspective of the Divine Mother on free will and how she meets people wherever they have chosen to descend in consciousness with no judgment, fear, anger or blame. the nature of freedom as something that cannot be defined by material means. Are people truly free if they do not know their spiritual identity? Is a nation truly free if the people do not understand the ego and how it leads to the creation of a power elite? are many people on this Earth who are afraid of freedom. For what would they do with themselves if they were totally free and really acknowledged that they could do anything they wanted? higher understanding of freedom to help people transcend the limited view of freedom so common on this planet, namely that if we can escape the consequences of our actions, then we are free. True freedom is surrender into oneness.

AmitaMemorias.jpg image by dragonflygris_2009

Many of your difficulties in life are a result of your own desire to not go down the wrong path—use them to discover your Divine Plan. essential key to making the kind of decisions that help you grow and ascend. the subtleties of the ego and the fallen consciousness have perverted most religious and spiritual movements. The only way out is to realize that it is not the outer organization or teaching that is the key to salvation. Salvation is truly a state of consciousness.

Those who represent Christ do have a right to disturb those who are trapped in the consciousness of anti-christ. when you respect the free will of others, can you truly accept your own free will and your own right to choose to Be MORE, even though yesterday you might have chosen to be less.


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