Realize your true identity in relationship with God.

Understanding Your Energy Field Building your defense against toxic energy the four levels of your energy field: your four lower bodies higher teaching on the energy flow in your aura, including the flow of the Kundalini energy of your problems begin with suppressing your light. You cannot overcome them by suppressing even more, such as suppressing negative emotions. You must heal your emotional body by realizing you are more than your emotions. your heart chakra, your threefold flame and the Secret Chamber of the Heart

manblguidenafoid.jpg image by salviaforme

Understanding the role of your heart chakra as the open door for the integration of your higher and lower being

bsdvoostchakrehfd9uio.jpg image by salviaforme

What the heart is full of, the mouth overflows with. The heart chakra can have certain colorings or shadings of negativity or anger. the role of the base chakra in manifesting the abundant life

Get off the treadmill of the spiritual poisons light out of your chakras gives temporary plesaure, but giving in love leads to permanent fulfillment


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