Realize your true identity in relationship with God.

The Journey Back foundation for a deeper understanding of yourself – your self – is the realization that you live in a world with two interconnected realities. You live in the material universe, but beyond it is a spiritual realm. Everything in the material universe originated from the spiritual realm. The energy in the spiritual realm was lowered in vibration and was then used by intelligent Beings to create the structures, such as galaxies and solar systems, that are beyond human powers. You were also created by a Being in the spiritual realm. Thus, you originated in a higher realm and a part of your total being then descended into a physical body on Earth.The material universe is made from the same basic “stuff” as the spiritual realm. The Ma-ter Light has simply been lowered into a different vibrational spectrum and the physical senses, even the outer mind, see it as solid substance instead of vibrating energy. This is what gives rise to the illusion of a separation between Spirit and matter. reality, the spiritual realm is interpenetrating with the material universe. The spiritual realm is right here with you, just as radio waves of different frequencies are penetrating the room in which you are reading this blog. You do not see the spiritual realm because the radio of your mind is tuned to a station called the matter universe. Yet your mind has the potential to tune in to the spiritual realm and your own higher Being.

risingsunegg.jpg image by sarahjp80 After human beings descended into physical bodies on Earth, they lost the memory of their spiritual origin. They even lost the awareness of their true creative powers and the purpose for which they came to Earth. They then started to make unconscious choices and humankind has collectively created a downward spiral that leads to limitations and suffering. You have personally created your own downward spiral that causes your own suffering.

ChangingBodiesweb.jpg Changing Bodies image by Karnamrita

When you step back from the specifics of your own situation, even specific religions, you see that the overall problem in human affairs is that people have lost the awareness of their true origin, their creative potential and their reason for being. Thus, life on Earth can be seen as a journey, and the first leg of it is to get back to the awareness, the state of consciousness, with which you originally descended to Earth. Once you are back to the starting point, you can then create a positive spiral that leads to the fulfillment of your original purpose. concept contradicts traditional Christian doctrine, which states that human beings were created as imperfect beings with a propensity to sin. Yet this doctrine could never explain how – or why – a supposedly good and perfect God would create imperfect beings who are destined to a life of suffering. In reality, you were not created as an imperfect being. You were created as a spiritual being and you were then sent to Earth for a twofold purpose:
You are here to grow in self-awareness and learn how to use your creative faculties and become a self-aware co-creator with God.
Once you have attained mastery over your creative faculties – your mind – you can use them to take dominion over the Earth and co-create a better world on this planet—the mastery of mind over matter. were not created as an imperfect being, yet you were created as an inexperienced being. Thus, you first needed to learn how to use your creative faculties in a way that did not harm yourself or other parts of life. You were not created with a propensity to sin, but you were created with free will, meaning that you have the potential to use your creative faculties in a way that goes against God’s laws and thus harms yourself and other parts of life. It was as a result of making unwise – and often unconscious – choices that you gradually lost the awareness of your spiritual origin. You eventually ended up believing that you are a human being who is either a sinner by nature or a highly evolved animal. reality, you are not a human being, but a spiritual being. As there are two levels to the universe, there are two levels of your total being. A part of you is permanently residing in the spiritual realm, and thus it can be called your spiritual self. This spiritual self sent a part of itself into the material universe, and this is your lower being. The following sections will describe the individual components of both your higher and your lower being. purpose of this blog is to help you complete the journey of life and get back to the full awareness of who you really are and why a higher part of your being chose to descend to planet Earth. You will then know why life has an overall meaning and why your life has a specific purpose and mission.


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  2. Very Interesting…. I believe it !

    December 4, 2011 at 9:18 am

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