Realize your true identity in relationship with God.

Who is the You that knows it is you first step toward a greater understanding of your total being is the recognition that there is more to you than the physical body. Most spiritual teachings say that you were created as a non-material entity, often called the soul, which resides in the body for a time and has the potential to continue an existence in an afterlife. Millions of people have had near-death or out-of-body experiences which proved to them that their self-awareness can exist independently of the physical body. In other words, there is more to you than the body and the brain. do not have self-awareness, meaning that they are not aware that they exist. Neither do they have individual self-awareness, meaning that they do not see themselves as unique individuals. What gives you the ability to know that you exist and to identify yourself as a unique individual? very center of your total being is the seat of your self-awareness, which can be called the Conscious You or your conscious self. The conscious self is the seat of your sense of identity. It is the Conscious You that is self-aware in the material world and recognizes, “I AM.” It is also the conscious self that – ideally – makes the important decisions in your life. Conscious You is charged with the task of defining your identity as a co-creator on Earth. You have a spiritual identity that is permanently anchored in the spiritual realm (described later). Yet in order to express yourself in the material world, you need a sense of identity as a co-creator in this world. This sense of identity is not created for you, and you must define it by yourself. It is the Conscious You which has been given the task of defining what comes after the words “I AM…”,%20ot%20physicial%20beings%20having%20a%20spiritual%20experience.jpgThe Conscious You has a built-in sense that “I AM” but it has no contents in that self-awareness. Consequently, the Conscious You can identify itself as absolutely anything it chooses. In theory, it can identify itself as a rock. This is what gives you the ability to identify yourself as a spiritual being who is here to take dominion over the Earth (your high potential) or as a human being who is the product of hereditary and environmental factors (your low potential). You can either think you are in the world but not of the world or that you are in the world and of the world. highest potential is that your conscious self develops a sense of identity that is based on and in harmony with the divine individuality that is anchored in your higher Being. When this happens, there is perfect harmony – even oneness – between the higher and lower parts of your being, meaning that you are not a house divided against itself. can express your highest potential only when there is harmony between the higher and the lower parts of your being, and it is the Conscious You that is designed to ensure this oneness. In order for this to happen, the Conscious You must maintain – or reclaim – a correct sense of identity as an extension of your spiritual self, as a co-creator with God. Most people have not yet developed this spiritual sense of identity. Instead, they have fallen prey to the temptation to develop a lower sense of identity as material beings. This has happened as a result of the process that the Bible describes as the Fall of Man. In reality, the Biblical story of the Fall symbolizes what has happened to all people. Adam and Eve are archetypes, symbols for the higher and lower aspects of your being. really happened in the Fall was that your conscious self was tempted into building a sense of identity defined by the conditions in the material world. Thus, instead of taking dominion over the material world, you have allowed the world – including your physical body and lower mind – to take dominion over you, even to the point of defining your identity based on the current imperfections on Earth. This earthly sense of identity creates a division between your higher and lower selves and it prevents you from fulfilling your potential as a co-creator. Instead, you create imbalanced conditions that lead to suffering for yourself and others. problem is that the Conscious You is expressing itself through a limited sense of identity that is centered around the human ego (described later). It now becomes obvious that the master key to improving your life experience and take dominion over both your inner and outer circumstances is that the Conscious You must reclaim its true identity and begin to express it in this world. You must reestablish a conscious connection to your higher Being, your spiritual self. this must be a gradual process because it requires you to replace your present sense of identity with a new sense of identity. You must, so to speak, be spiritually reborn. If this happened in one sudden event, you would lose your sense of continuity and possibly experience an identity crisis. Thus, the safe way is to follow a gradual process that leads you to a higher state of consciousness. This is a universal process, a universal path, that transcends all outer religions or belief systems. You can follow this path while being a member of any religion or no religion.



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