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Understanding the four levels of your energy field: your four lower bodies desire to give you a basic teaching about the true meaning of my statement about the many mansions of my Father’s house. This statement has baffled many people, which I fully understand. The statement is a perfect example of how I was limited by the understanding and the vocabulary that people used 2,000 years ago. I had limited opportunities for explaining to them a very profound truth that all spiritual seekers need to understand. So let me now explain that truth by using the much greater understanding and vocabulary that is available today. today’s world, most people know about the existence of energy. Most people know that energy is a form of vibration. Most people have heard that, according to Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, everything in the entire universe is made from energy. Unfortunately, most people have not truly absorbed the stupendous implications of this discovery. Therefore, they have not made the effort to change their world view according to the fact that everything is energy. simple truth is that the entire universe is made from one basic substance. In times past, this substance was called ether. The concept of an ether has been known in Buddhism and other philosophies for many centuries. In medieval Europe it was known by the alchemists, who in some cases were the first true experimental scientists. Even physicists used the concept of the ether until an unfortunate experiment failed to detect physical effects of the ether. These effects were not detected because the ether does not have physical properties. After that, most scientists abandoned the concept of an ether and this was a rather unfortunate detour for science. The effect of this detour is that scientist cannot fully understand energy. They know energy is vibration, but they fail to fully understand that there can be vibration only if there is something that can vibrate. There can be no wave unless you have an ocean. Therefore, there can be no energy waves, and thus no material universe, unless you have an ocean of something that can vibrate.

virginmarynearth.jpg Mother Mary earth image by shekinaspeaks What truly vibrates is the basic substance that God used to crate the entire world of form. That substance is described in the Bible in the statement “And God said, let there be light.” Light can also be described as the feminine aspect of the Father-Mother God. Light is the Divine Mother, the body of the Divine Mother, which gives birth to any form projected upon her by the will of the Father through the mind of the Son. The form is manifest and sustained by the force of the Holy Spirit, as explained by beloved Mother Mary in her discourse. you know, visible light is light waves that vibrate within a certain spectrum of frequencies. Red light vibrates at lower frequencies than blue or violet light. As you also know, there are frequencies that are lower or higher than visible light. Those frequencies cannot be detected by the eyes, although they are as real as visible light. the purpose of this discourse, the important concept is that everything is vibration. Therefore, there are no impenetrable barriers in the world of form. Everything is made from the same basic substance, which simply vibrates at different levels or frequencies. Everything is made from energy waves, and the only difference between Heaven and Earth is a difference in the vibration of the energy waves. true meaning of the statement that my Father’s house has many mansions is that my Father’s house is a continuum of vibrations, an energy continuum. Within this continuum are divisions of frequencies, and within in each division there is room for a number of different frequencies. Each of these divisions is a mansion in the House of God. One such division is what human beings call the material universe. Outside of that realm is what human beings call the spiritual realm, or Heaven. Yet even in the spiritual realm there are a number of divisions.

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