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El Śrī Īśopaniṣad (Intro)


Oración pidiendo la ayuda de Dios: Salmos 13.1-6

1 Señor,

¿hasta cuándo me olvidarás?

¿Me olvidarás para siempre?

¿Hasta cuándo te esconderás de mí? (more…)

Oración pidiendo la ayuda de Dios: Salmos 12.1-8

1 Sálvanos, Señor, pues ya no hay creyentes fieles,

ya no hay hombres sinceros. (more…)

Confianza en el Señor: Salmos 11.1-7

l_47761289e750477582bd4543a838c1ed.gif picture by killuminati-2012

1 Yo busco mi refugio en el Señor.

Es por demás que me digáis:

“Huye a los montes, como las aves. (more…)

Oración pidiendo la ayuda de Dios: Salmos 10.1-16

1 Señor, ¿por qué te quedas tan lejos?,

¿por qué te escondes en tiempos de angustia? (more…)

Alabanzas a la justicia de Dios: Salmos 9.1-20

1 Oh Señor,

quiero alabarte con todo el corazón

y contar tus muchas maravillas. (more…)

La gloria de Dios y la dignidad del hombre: Salmos 8.1-9

allah.gif ***ALLAH*** image by undercover-zina

1 Señor, soberano nuestro,

¡tu nombrec domina en toda la tierra!

¡Tu gloria se extiende más allá del cielo! (more…)

El Señor, Juez justo: Salmos 7.1-17

1-2 Señor, mi Dios, en ti busco protección;

¡sálvame de todos los que me persiguen!

¡Líbrame, pues son como leones;

no sea que me despedacen

y no haya quien me salve! (more…)

Oración en momentos de angustia: Salmos 6.1-10

1 Señor,

no me reprendas en tu enojo, (more…)

Oración al comenzar el día: Salmos 5.1-12

1-2 Señor, Rey mío y Dios mío,

escucha mis palabras,

atiende a mis gemidos,

oye mis súplicas,

pues a ti elevo mi oración. (more…)

Confianza en el Señor: Salmos 4.1-8

1 Dios y defensor mío,

¡contéstame cuando te llame!

Tú, que en mi angustia me diste alivio,

¡ten compasión de mí y escucha mi oración! (more…)

Oración pidiendo la ayuda de Dios: Salmos 3.1-8

Salmo de David, cuando huía de su hijo Absalom.

1 Señor, muchos son mis enemigos,

muchos son los que se han puesto en contra mía, (more…)

Tú eres mi hijo(a): Salmos 2.1-12


1 ¿Por qué se alborotan los pueblos paganos?

¿Por qué hacen planes sin sentido? (more…)

Understanding the four levels of your energy field: your four lower bodies desire to give you a basic teaching about the true meaning of my statement about the many mansions of my Father’s house. This statement has baffled many people, which I fully understand. The statement is a perfect example of how I was limited by the understanding and the vocabulary that people used 2,000 years ago. I had limited opportunities for explaining to them a very profound truth that all spiritual seekers need to understand. So let me now explain that truth by using the much greater understanding and vocabulary that is available today.  (more…)

Explaining the spiritual catch-22 that all people are in and how to solve the enigma of free will through complete honesty is the foundation for true healing

Thus I tell you, my beloved, in order to restore true healing, we must begin with a solid foundation. And thus, of course, we must begin with the first ray of the will of God. And what, then, is the quality of the first ray? (more…)

Blog in Progress….

Hi! Everyone, I’ve been working on a big project for your personal spiritual growth.   Some articles are already available under personal growth. (more…)

“Visit Killuminati 2012!!!”

In this blog you can find various subjects such as: Alternative News, Religion, Spirituality, UFO’s, Conspiracies, Politics, Far out info, Comedy, (more…)

Who is the You that knows it is you first step toward a greater understanding of your total being is the recognition that there is more to you than the physical body. Most spiritual teachings say that (more…)

The Journey Back foundation for a deeper understanding of yourself – your self – is the realization that you live in a world with two interconnected realities. You live in the material universe, but beyond it is a spiritual realm. Everything in the material universe originated from the spiritual realm. The energy in the spiritual realm was lowered in vibration and (more…)

The least you should know about the components of self journey back

(available) (more…)

“Personal Growth”

The teachings in this section will give you a new perspective on who you really are and why you are here on earth.
Are you a human being trying to have a spiritual experience, or are you a spiritual being who has been trapped in a human experience but who is longing to get back to the spiritual experience that you know is your true potential? (more…)

Understanding Your Energy Field Building your defense against toxic energy (more…)

Solving The Enigma Of Free Will the spiritual catch-22 that all people are in and how to solve the enigma of free will through complete honesty. (more…)

Knowing Your True Identity Least You Should Know About The Components Of Self (more…)