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El Señor, Juez justo: Salmos 7.1-17

1-2 Señor, mi Dios, en ti busco protección;

¡sálvame de todos los que me persiguen!

¡Líbrame, pues son como leones;

no sea que me despedacen

y no haya quien me salve! (more…)


Understanding the four levels of your energy field: your four lower bodies desire to give you a basic teaching about the true meaning of my statement about the many mansions of my Father’s house. This statement has baffled many people, which I fully understand. The statement is a perfect example of how I was limited by the understanding and the vocabulary that people used 2,000 years ago. I had limited opportunities for explaining to them a very profound truth that all spiritual seekers need to understand. So let me now explain that truth by using the much greater understanding and vocabulary that is available today.  (more…)